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Will Oldham

For most of the '90s, Will Oldham was the mastermind of Palace Music, a shambling, country-tinged indie rock group that recorded under a variety of names. The only constant in Palace was Oldham, and he would often record as a solo artist under the Palace name. That fact made his decision to retire the Palace name in 1997 somewhat baffling, since for all intents and purposes, he was the band. Nevertheless, Joya, Oldham's first album as a solo artist, was slightly different than Palace, boasting a slightly darker and somber tone. Like all the Palace records, Joya was released on Drag City to positive critical notices and a moderately successful cult following. Although the subsequent I See a Darkness was attributed to Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Oldham continued using his given name for releases, including Ode Music and Guarapero: Lost Blues 2. The second Bonnie "Prince" Billy album, Ease Down the Road, arrived in early 2001, featuring collaborators David Pajo, Catherine Irwin, Mike Fellows, and Harmony Korine. Master and Everyone appeared two years later. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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Will Oldham

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Will Oldham

Top Songs by
Will Oldham

  1.   Song
  2.   All These Vicious Dogs
  3.   My Only Friend by Bonnie "Prince" Billy
  4.   Little Joya: Prologue
  5.   Little Joya: Joya
  6.   Little Joya: Exit Music (For a Dick)
  7.   Do What You Will Do
  8.   The Risen Lord
  9.   Allowance
  10.   Black/Rich Tune
  11.   O Let It Be
  12.   Antagonism
  13.   New Gypsy
  14.   Under What Was Oppression
  15.   The Gator
  16.   Open Your Heart
  17.   Rider
  18.   Be Still and Know God (Don't Be Shy)
  19.   Apocolypse, No!
  20.   I Am Still What I Meant to Be
  21.   Bolden Boke Boy
  22.   Idea and Deed
  23.   Ode #1
  24.   Ode #2
  25.   Ode #3
  26.   Ode #4
  27.   Ode #1a
  28.   Ode #1b
  29.   Ode #2a
  30.   Ode #5
  31.   Ode #3a
  32.   Ode #4a
  33.   Drinking Woman
  34.   The Spider's Dude Is Often There
  35.   Gezundheit
  36.   Let the Wires Ring
  37.   Big Balls
  38.   For the Mekons et Al
  39.   Stable Will
  40.   Every Mother's Son
  41.   No More Rides
  42.   Boy, Have You Cum
  43.   Patience
  44.   Take However Long You Want
  45.   Sugarcane Juice Drinker
  46.   Call Me a Liar
  47.   O Lord Are You in Need?
  48.   Fall Again by Rian Murphy
  49.   Fall and Raise It On by Rian Murphy
  50.   Song of Most by Rian Murphy
  51.   Song of All by Rian Murphy
  52.   Sapele
  53.   Lars
  54.   Bogo
  55.   Emmanuel
  56.   Barcelona
  57.   Sea Lion
  58.   Jump in Jump in, Come in Come In
  59.   Three Photographs
  60.   Western Song for J. LL.
  61.   Always Bathing in the Evening
  62.   My Only Friend
  63.   Guitar: Do What You Will Do
  64.   Organ: Allowance
  65.   Organ: Black/Rich
  66.   Organ: Do What You Will Do
  67.   The Spider Dude Is Often There

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