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Will Ackerman

Will Ackerman has gained prominence both as a musician and a businessman, and at least one of those occupations seems to have been unintentional. Though Ackerman has played guitar since the age of 12, when he dropped out of college it was to become a carpenter, and his first company was called Windham Hill Builders. But Ackerman composed guitar music for Stanford University theater productions, and the encouragement of friends led him to record an album of his tunes, In Search of the Turtle's Navel, in 1976. The album was surprisingly successful, and Ackerman found himself in the music business. Since then, Ackerman has continued to record his own albums, to produce Windham Hill albums for such other artists as George Winston, Alex de Grassi, and Liz Story, and to serve in various capacities in the record company. (He stepped down as CEO in 1986; his function now primarily concerns A&R, the liaison between a record company and its artists.) Though Ackerman has long since sickened of the new age tag, threatening physical violence against anyone categorizing Windham Hill's music with the term, he had more to do with the rise of acoustic-based instrumental music as a popular form in the '70s and '80s than anyone else. ~ William Ruhlmann
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Will Ackerman

  1.   Song
  2.   Rain to River
  3.   A Happy Home in Kathmandu
  4.   Conferring with the Moon
  5.   Ventana
  6.   Night Slip
  7.   Garage Planet
  8.   Pictures
  9.   Last Day at the Beach
  10.   Climbing in Geometry
  11.   Pacific II
  12.   Singing Crocodile
  13.   Improv 2
  14.   Three Observations of One Ocean
  15.   Big Thing in the Sky (For Jess)
  16.   In This Still Forest
  17.   This Clearness of Light
  18.   Just Before Dawn
  19.   Beneath the Tree
  20.   Visiting
  21.   Processional
  22.   Slow Motion Roast Beef Restaurant Seduction
  23.   The Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit
  24.   In the Valley of Moses
  25.   Anne's Song
  26.   Hawk Circle
  27.   Innocent Moon
  28.   Remedios
  29.   Tribute to the Philosophy of James Estell Bradley
  30.   Incondizionatamente
  31.   Lago de Montañas (Mountain Lake)
  32.   Somewhere in All This Green
  33.   Synopsis
  34.   Garden
  35.   Rain Sequence
  36.   It Takes a Year
  37.   Driving
  38.   A Child's Song
  39.   Brother a Teaches 7
  40.   Pacific I
  41.   The Prospect of Darrow's Barn and the Blossoms of an Apple Spring on ...
  42.   River
  43.   Balancing
  44.   Happy Ending
  45.   If You Look