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A former member of Alice Cooper's band, bassist Kip Winger formed his own group in 1986; in addition to vocalist/bassist Winger, the group featured guitarist Reb Beach, bassist Paul Taylor, and drummer Rod Morgenstein, formerly of the Dixie Dregs. Taking their name from their leader after a last-minute change from Sahara, Winger specialized in the stylish pop-metal that sent Bon Jovi and Poison to the top of the charts. The band's eponymous debut sold over a million copies on the strength of the rocker "Seventeen" and the ballad "Headed for a Heartbreak." Winger's second album, 1990's In the Heart of the Young, was equally successful, selling over a million copies and featuring the hit power ballad "Miles Away." However, the band didn't outlast the post-alternative pop-metal backlash and the group faded away after the release of their 1993 album Pull. Kip Winger launched a solo career later that decade, releasing three albums before reuniting with his former bandmates in 2002. After a brief tour alongside fellow pop-metal veterans Poison, the band returned to the studio to craft their first album in more than a decade. 2006's IV stuck close to the formula that made Winger famous, and the resulting reunion tour was captured on the two-disc set Winger Live. Another album called Karma quickly followed in 2009, but the group took its time to deliver Better Days Comin', which appeared in the spring of 2014. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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  1.   Song
  2.   Headed for a Heartbreak
  3.   Seventeen
  4.   Miles Away
  5.   Madalaine
  6.   Can't Get Enuff
  7.   Hungry
  8.   Easy Come, Easy Go
  9.   Hangin' On
  10.   Little Dirty Blonde
  11.   Happy Christmas (War Is Over)
  12.   Down Incognito
  13.   Time to Surrender
  14.   Can't Get Enough
  15.   Pull Me Under
  16.   Under One Condition
  17.   Another Beautiful Day
  18.   Only Love
  19.   Without the Night
  20.   Your Great Escape
  21.   Spell I'm Under
  22.   After All This Time
  23.   Never
  24.   Written in the Wind
  25.   Hell to Pay
  26.   Loosen Up
  27.   Who's the One
  28.   No Man's Land
  29.   Blind Revolution Mad
  30.   The Making of Better Days Comin'
  31.   Better Days Comin'
  32.   Madaline
  33.   Like a Ritual
  34.   You Are the Saint
  35.   I Am the Sinner
  36.   Silent Night
  37.   Stone Cold Killer
  38.   Dissapear
  39.   Rod's Drum Solo
  40.   Reb's Guitar Solo
  41.   Without Warning
  42.   Right Up Ahead
  43.   Blue Suede Shoes
  44.   Livin' Just To Die
  45.   Generica
  46.   State of Emergency
  47.   In the Heart of the Young
  48.   You Are the Saint, I Am the Sinner
  49.   In the Day We'll Never See
  50.   Rainbow in the Rose
  51.   Battle Stations
  52.   Like a Ritual
  53.   In for the Kill
  54.   The Lucky One
  55.   Junkyard Dog (Tears on Stone)
  56.   In My Veins
  57.   Out of This World
  58.   Be Who You Are Now
  59.   Ever Wonder
  60.   Tin Soldier
  61.   Rat Race
  62.   Queen Babylon
  63.   Who's the One
  64.   Junkyard Dog (Tears on Stone)
  65.   Come a Little Closer
  66.   Always Within Me
  67.   Hour of Need
  68.   M16
  69.   Disappear
  70.   On a Day Like Today
  71.   Short Flight to Mexico
  72.   Can't Take It Back
  73.   On the Inside (New Recording)
  74.   Out for the Count
  75.   Poison Angel
  76.   Purple Haze
  77.   Someday Someway
  78.   Skin Tight
  79.   Baptized by Fire
  80.   Storm in Me
  81.   So Long China
  82.   Midnight Driver of a Love Machine
  83.   Witness
  84.   Feeding Frenzy
  85.   Deal with the Devil
  86.   Star Tripper
  87.   Four Leaf Clover
  88.   Supernova
  89.   All I Ever Wanted
  90.   Give Me More
  91.   Higher and Higher
  92.   Big World Away
  93.   First Ending
  94.   In the Heart of the Young [LP Version] [LP
  95.   [CD-Rom Track]
  96.   Until There Was You
  97.   One a Day Like Today