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With a name that fits a Nova Scotia-based band rather well, Wintersleep formed in 2001. Initially, they were part of the Nova Scotia label and artists' collective Dependent Music, which released their first two albums, 2003's Wintersleep and 2005's untitled full-length, as the band was just getting rolling. The band graduated to the big time -- that is to say the major labels -- in 2006, when Wintersleep signed with Labwork, a subsidiary of EMI Canada. Members Paul Murphy (vocals and guitar), Tim D'Eon (guitar and keyboards), Jud Haynes (bass), Jon Samuel (keyboards), and Loel Campbell (drums) were able to see their first two releases get a second look on their new label, complete with bonus tracks, but in 2007 Haynes left the group. A quick replacement was found in Mike Bigelow, and Wintersleep soon returned to store shelves with their 2007 album, Welcome to the Night Sky. In 2008 the band was nominated for a Juno Award, Canada's highest honor in the national music scene. ~ Chris True
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  1.   Song
  2.   Oblivion
  3.   Weighty Ghost
  4.   Black Camera
  5.   Wind
  6.   In Came The Flood
  7.   Murderer
  8.   Mausoleum
  9.   Encyclopedia
  10.   Baltic
  11.   People Talk
  12.   Migration
  13.   Insomnia
  14.   Listen (Listen, Listen)
  15.   Hum
  16.   Jaws of Life
  17.   Someone, Somewhere
  18.   Rapture
  19.   Saving Song
  20.   Permanent Sigh
  21.   Resuscitate
  22.   Blood Collection
  23.   Laser Beams
  24.   Dead Letter & The Infinite Yes
  25.   Snowstorm
  26.   Home
  27.   Orca
  28.   Smoke
  29.   Nothing Is Anything (Without You)
  30.   Experience the Jewel
  31.   Archaeologists
  32.   Sore
  33.   The Dead
  34.   Assembly Lines
  35.   Motion
  36.   Caliber (Treatment Room Montreal)
  37.   Avalanche
  38.   Miasmal Smoke & The Yellow Bellied Freaks
  39.   Lipstick
  40.   Terrible Man
  41.   Astronaut
  42.   Drunk on Aluminium
  43.   Butterfly
  44.   Unzipper
  45.   Zones
  46.   Danse Macabre
  47.   New Inheritors
  48.   A Long Flight
  49.   Preservation
  50.   Faithful Guide
  51.   Search Party
  52.   Mirror Matter
  53.   Nerves Normal, Breath Normal
  54.   Trace Decay
  55.   Ambulance
  56.   Fog
  57.   Echolocation
  58.   Like the Spanish City to Me
  59.   Ultra-Violet
  60.   How You Gonna Lie
  61.   Early in the Morning
  62.   The Kids Are Ultra-Violent

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