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The Swedish retro-doom-psych-folk band known as Witchcraft was started in 2000 by vocalist/guitarist Magnus Pelander, whose original intent was to record a single in tribute to Pentagram's Bobby Liebling and Roky Erickson -- how often does that happen? Calling on his friend John Hoyles (guitar) and brothers Ola (bass) and Jens Henriksson (drums) to lend a hand, Pelander did indeed record that single (titled "No Angel or Demon") and released it through small independent Primitive Arts Records in 2002. Then, encouraged by the results, he continued to compose material for Witchcraft while his bandmates pursued other interests. A year would pass before they reconvened as Witchcraft, and with new drummer Jonas Arnesen in tow, the quartet began preparing their eponymous debut album for release through Rise Above the following year. Recorded in a basement studio outfitted exclusively with vintage equipment, the album captured a hauntingly authentic '70s sound -- steeped not only in the heavy-handed work of Black Sabbath and Pentagram, but also in the psych and folk-rock elements of obscure acts like Leaf Hound, Captain Beyond, and Comus. Firewood followed in 2005, featuring a cover of Pentagram's "When the Screams Come," and in 2007 the band issued their third studio long-player, The Alchemist. Witchcraft made the move to Nuclear Blast for their fourth outing, Legend, which introduced new members Simon Solomon (guitar), Tom Jondelius (guitar), and Oscar Johansson (drums). Nucleus, their second LP for Nuclear Blast, followed in early 2016. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia
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  1.   Song
  2.   Dead End
  3.   Witchcraft
  4.   Attention!
  5.   If Crimson Was Your Colour
  6.   Even in His Youth
  7.   An Exorcism of Doubts
  8.   Democracy
  9.   It's Not Because of You
  10.   Flag of Fate
  11.   Nucleus
  12.   Lady Winter
  13.   Breakdown
  14.   Malstroem
  15.   Dystopia
  16.   Ghosts House
  17.   Deconstruction
  18.   Remembered
  19.   Samaritan Burden
  20.   Mr. Haze
  21.   I Want You to Know
  22.   No Angel or Demon
  23.   If Wishes Were Horses
  24.   Helpless
  25.   The Obsessed
  26.   The Outcast
  27.   Theory of Consequence
  28.   White Light Suicide
  29.   An Alternative to Freedom
  30.   The Alchemist
  31.   Walk Between the Lines
  32.   You Suffer
  33.   Queen of Bees
  34.   What I Am
  35.   Leva
  36.   The Snake
  37.   Her Sisters They Were Weak
  38.   Perverted Temple of Goatsodomy
  39.   To Transcend Bitterness
  40.   We Rest
  41.   Take Me With You When You Die
  42.   By Your Definition
  43.   Schyssta Logner
  44.   Sorrow Evoker
  45.   I See a Man
  46.   Merlin's Daughter
  47.   It's So Easy
  48.   Ultraviolet
  49.   Wooden Cross (I Can't Wake the Dead)
  50.   Grave Immolation
  51.   At the Diabolus Hour
  52.   Please Don't Forget Me
  53.   Hey Doctor
  54.   Chylde of Fire
  55.   You Bury Your Head
  56.   Chasing Rainbows

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