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Within Temptation

Goth metal stars Within Temptation marry the guitar-driven force of hard rock with the sweep and grandeur of symphonic music, and the results have made them one of the most popular bands ever in the Netherlands. Within Temptation were formed in 1996 by guitarist Robert Westerholt and vocalist Sharon den Adel, who are partners on stage and off. Within Temptation's early material caught the attention of the Dutch label DSFA, which signed the group to a record deal; the band's first album, Enter, was released in 1997. Up until this time, Within Temptation had been a studio project, but the success of the album led to invitations to play several live shows, including the Dynamo Music Festival, one of the biggest live music events in the Netherlands. Within Temptation demonstrated their strength as a concert act, and began playing Germany, Austria, Belgium, and the Czech Republic. Booked to play Dynamo's main stage in 1998, Within Temptation felt recording new material was in order, and they released the Dance EP for the occasion. Shortly afterwards, Within Temptation went on hiatus as the group's members dealt with personal commitments and Westerholt and den Adel built a studio for their ambitious recording projects. In late 2000, Within Temptation returned with their second full-length album (and first for Sony), Mother Earth, and the band continued to appear at major music festivals in Europe and the Netherlands; the album was a major commercial success, and the song "Ice Queen" was released as a single, rising to number two on the Dutch charts. After several years of steady touring (including major festival appearances in France and Mexico), Within Temptation returned to the studio to record their third album, 2004's The Silent Force, an ambitious project featuring a full orchestra and 80-voice choir accompanying the band. It was their first disc to be released simultaneously in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe, and became a major commercial success, going platinum at home and reaching the Top Ten in Germany, Belgium, Spain, and Finland. Having become the Netherlands' best-selling international act, Within Temptation finally landed an American record deal with the venerable metal imprint Roadrunner, which released their fourth album, The Heart of Everything, in 2007. Black Symphony, a live CD/DVD recorded at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam with a full choir and orchestra, followed in 2008. Their 2011 effort The Unforgiving was a concept album heavily influenced by '80s pop and rock, and supported by a series of short films as well as a comic book written by Steven O’Connell. It was a great commercial success, hitting the top ten in seven European countries, and the band toured heavily in promotion of it. In 2012 the band's contract with Roadrunner came to an end and they decided to self-release their next album, signing distribution deals with Nuclear Blast for the USA and, strangely, Dramatico, Mike Batt's pop label and home to Katie Melua, for the UK. Their sixth album, Hydra, was slated for release in February 2014 and saw them branching out into a number of new and unexpected styles, as symbolized by the titular, many-headed mythical beast. It included guest vocal performances by Howard Jones of Killswitch Engage, Soul Asylum's Dave Pirner, rapper Xzibit, and former Nightwish vocalist Tarja Turunen on the single "Paradise (What About Us?)." ~ Mark Deming
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Within Temptation

  1.   Song
  2.   Stand My Ground
  3.   Intro
  4.   Paradise (What About Us?)
  5.   Dangerous
  6.   The Heart of Everything
  7.   All I Need
  8.   Our Solemn Hour
  9.   What Have You Done
  10.   Frozen
  11.   Angels
  12.   Let Us Burn
  13.   Mother Earth
  14.   Memories
  15.   Never-Ending Story
  16.   The Howling
  17.   Aquarius
  18.   Forsaken
  19.   Somewhere
  20.   The Cross
  21.   Paradise (What About Us?) by Tarja
  22.   Hand of Sorrow
  23.   See Who I Am
  24.   Final Destination
  25.   Forgiven
  26.   Ice Queen
  27.   Our Farewell
  28.   The Truth Beneath the Rose
  29.   Pale
  30.   Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)
  31.   Dark Wings
  32.   It's the Fear
  33.   In Perfect Harmony
  34.   The Promise
  35.   Caged
  36.   Deceiver of Fools
  37.   The Swan Song
  38.   Towards The End
  39.   Enter
  40.   The Dance
  41.   Faster
  42.   Iron
  43.   Shot in the Dark
  44.   Summertime Sadness
  45.   Living on Fire by Xzibit
  46.   Grace
  47.   Keep on Breathing by Xzibit
  48.   Radioactive
  49.   And We Run
  50.   Stairway to the Skies
  51.   Sinéad
  52.   Jane Doe
  53.   Pearls of Light
  54.   Sanctuary Intro
  55.   One of These Days by Xzibit
  56.   Dirty Dancer
  57.   Let Her Go
  58.   Whole World Is Watching
  59.   Covered By Roses
  60.   Where Is the Edge
  61.   Murder
  62.   In The Middle Of The Night
  63.   Fire and Ice
  64.   A Demon's Fate
  65.   Utopia
  66.   Ouverture
  67.   Say My Name
  68.   Blue Eyes/Aquarius by Keith Caputo
  69.   Destroyed
  70.   Candles
  71.   Gatekeeper
  72.   Deep Within
  73.   The Last Dance
  74.   Tell Me Why
  75.   Edge of the World
  76.   Dog Days
  77.   Silver Moonlight
  78.   Why Not Me
  79.   Another Day
  80.   The Other Half (Of Me)
  81.   Running up That Hill