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Wye Oak

Wye Oak, a Baltimore-based indie rock duo comprising Jenn Wasner (guitar, vocals) and Andy Stack (drums, keyboards, vocals), took their name from a symbolic 460-year-old tree in their home state of Maryland. Formed in 2006 under the moniker Monarch, Wasner and Stack recorded their first album in varied spots, bouncing around various basements and apartments, eventually landing a record deal with indie heavyweight Merge. The label would go on to release the act's 2008 debut, If Children, as well as the 2009 follow-up Knot and 2010 EP My Neighbor/My Creator. By the time of their 2011 self-produced album, Civilian, which was also released by Merge, Wasner and Stack had refined their sound to a fine point and had gained a devoted following. After the record's release, the duo embarked on a lengthy tour that left them completely spent and in need of a break. Once finished with their obligations, Stack relocated to Texas and Wasner launched two new projects, the more experimental Flock of Dimes and the electronic R&B duo Dungeonesse with songwriter/producer Jon Ehrens. When the time came to get back to Wye Oak, Wasner switched from guitar to bass, feeling that they had exhausted their previous guitar-based approach. Relying more on synths and drum machines and adding in some R&B influences in place of folk, their fourth album, Shriek, was recorded at the Rare Book Room with Nicolas Vernhes and released by Merge in April of 2014. After the album's release, Wasner stayed busy providing guest vocals on albums by Mac McCaughan, Soft Pink Truth and Shearwater, while also readying the first Flock of Dimes album, which was issued by Partisan Records in late 2016. A few months before that the band and Merge dug into the archives and uncovered some songs that were written and recorded between the time of Civilian and Shriek. Titled Tween, the eight-song collection showed some behind-the-scenes footage of the band's creative shift that occurred during that time span. ~ James Christopher Monger
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Wye Oak

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Wye Oak

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Wye Oak

  1.   Song
  2.   Holy Holy
  3.   Civilian
  4.   Two Small Deaths
  5.   Fish
  6.   For Prayer
  7.   Better (For Esther)
  8.   Strangers
  9.   Please Concrete
  10.   Mother
  11.   Regret
  12.   Despicable Animal
  13.   Doubt
  14.   My Neighbor
  15.   Emmylou
  16.   Talking About Money
  17.   Mary is Mary
  18.   Before
  19.   Orchard Fair
  20.   Milk and Honey
  21.   I Hope You Die
  22.   If You Should See
  23.   The Tower
  24.   Warning
  25.   Plains
  26.   Family Glue
  27.   Paradise
  28.   Take It In
  29.   On Luxury
  30.   Archaic Smile
  31.   Watching the Waiting
  32.   Trigger Finger
  33.   Too Right
  34.   Logic of Color
  35.   I Know the Law
  36.   Sick Talk
  37.   Glory
  38.   Shriek
  39.   That I Do
  40.   Tattoo
  41.   I Don't Feel Young
  42.   Keeping Company
  43.   The Alter
  44.   Hot as Day
  45.   Schools of Eyes
  46.   Dogs Eyes
  47.   Sight, Flight
  48.   My Creator
  49.   Siamese
  50.   Wave Is Not the Water
  51.   Spiral
  52.   I Want for Nothing
  53.   We Were Wealth
  54.   A Lawn to Mow
  55.   No Dreaming
  56.   If Children Were Wishes
  57.   Obituary
  58.   Out of Nowhere

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