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Japan's evolution from rather humble glam rock beginnings into stylish synth pop (and beyond) made the British group one of the more intriguing and successful artists of their era. Formed in London in 1974, Japan began its existence as a quintet comprised of singer/songwriter David Sylvian, bassist Mick Karn, keyboardist Richard Barbieri, drummer (and Sylvian's brother) Steve Jansen and guitarist Rob Dean. In their primary incarnation, the group emulated the sound and image of glam rockers like David Bowie and the New York Dolls; Sylvian's over-the-top vocals, much in the vein of Bryan Ferry, also earned Japan frequent (if derisive) comparisons to Roxy Music. After winning a label-sponsored talent contest, they were signed to Germany's Ariola-Hansa Records in 1977 and debuted a year later with a pair of LPs, Adolescent Sex and Obscure Alternatives, which received little notice at home or in the U.S. but did find favor among Japanese audiences. With 1979's Quiet Life, Japan made a tremendous leap into more sophisticated stylistic and subtle territory; a subsequent hit single covering Smokey Robinson's "I Second That Emotion" further underscored the newfound soulfulness of their music. 1980s Gentlemen Take Polaroids continued to broaden Japan's scope, incorporating a variety of exotic influences into their increasingly atmospheric sound. With 1981's Tin Drum (recorded minus Dean), the band peaked: tapping sources as diverse as funk and Middle Eastern rhythms, the album moved beyond pop confines into experimental tones and textures, and scored a U.K. smash with the single "Ghosts." However, Tin Drum also proved to be Japan's swan song: long-simmering differences among the bandmembers came to a head when Karn's girlfriend moved in with Sylvian, and the group disbanded in 1982. The individual members quickly forged ahead with their projects: Sylvian began a successful solo career and also entered into a series of collaborations with performers like Ryuichi Sakamoto, Holger Czukay and Robert Fripp, while Karn issued a 1982 solo LP, Titles, before founding the short-lived duo Dali's Car with Bauhaus' Peter Murphy. In 1986, meanwhile, Jansen and Barbieri issued Worlds in a Small Room under their own names before recording together as the Dolphin Brothers. In 1987, Karn released Dreams of Reason Produce Monsters, a solo LP which featured contributions from Sylvian and Jansen, spurring rumors of a reunion which came to fruition in 1989 when the four principal members re-teamed under the name Rain Tree Crow. By the time an eponymously-titled album appeared in 1991, however, relations had again dissolved in acrimony, and the musicians went their separate ways; while Sylvian continued working independently, as the decade wore on Karn, Jansen and Barbieri occasionally reunited in various projects while also maintaining solo careers. ~ Jason Ankeny
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  1.   Song
  2.   The Art of Parties
  3.   Adolescent Sex
  4.   Gentlemen Take Polaroids
  5.   Life Without Buildings
  6.   State Line
  7.   Quiet Life
  8.   A Foreign Place
  9.   Halloween
  10.   Life in Tokyo
  11.   European Son
  12.   Visions of China
  13.   The Width of a Room
  14.   Methods of Dance
  15.   Don't Rain on My Parade
  16.   Ain't That Peculiar
  17.   The Experience of Swimming
  18.   Burning Bridges
  19.   Alien
  20.   Television
  21.   Suburban Love
  22.   Lovers on Main Street
  23.   Wish You Were Black
  24.   Temple of Dawn
  25.   Canton
  26.   Voices Raised in Welcome, Hands Held in Prayer
  27.   Cantonese Boy
  28.   Sons of Pioneers
  29.   Oil on Canvas
  30.   The Tenant
  31.   Love Is Infectious
  32.   Taking Islands in Africa
  33.   Still Life in Mobile Homes
  34.   Suburban Berlin
  35.   ...Rhodesia
  36.   Swing
  37.   Ghosts
  38.   The Other Side of Life
  39.   My New Career
  40.   Nightporter
  41.   In Vogue
  42.   Obscure Alternatives
  43.   I Second That Emotion
  44.   All Tomorrow's Parties
  45.   Sometimes I Feel So Low
  46.   Deviation
  47.   Communist China
  48.   Performance
  49.   The Unconventional
  50.   Fall in Love With Me
  51.   Transmission
  52.   Despair
  53.   Talking Drum
  54.   Automatic Gun

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