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Unlike the several heavy metal bands that share the same name, the Canadian indie group Zeus forgoes doom and gloom to make music with three-part harmonies, Americana sensibilities, and sunny power pop hooks. After parting ways with the 6ixty8ights, childhood friends (and ten-year veterans of the Toronto music scene) Mike O'Brien and Carlin Nicholson reunited to play shows as Paso Mino, the backing band of Broken Social Scene member Jason Collett. The two started recording music together for fun in their downtime, and realizing that their songs had potential, they recruited drummer Rob Drake and multi-instrumentalist Neil Quin to round out the group. In the summer of 2009, Zeus released the Sounds Like Zeus EP, which gained attention with its cover of the Genesis hit "That's All." Arts & Crafts released a full-length debut, Say Us, the following winter, in February of 2010. Two years later, Zeus returned with Busting Visions, which earned enthusiastic reviews and a welcome response from fans; a year after its initial release, Busting Visions was reissued in a special edition, accompanied by a bonus seven-song EP with the group performing covers of songs by Michael Jackson, Big Star, Genesis, and R. Kelly, among others. Following extensive touring in support Busting Visions, Zeus returned to their Ill Eagle Recording Studio and began work on their next album; Classic Zeus, which despite the title was a collection of 11 brand-new songs, was released by Arts & Crafts in September 2014. ~ Jason Lymangrover
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  1.   Song
  2.   Are You Gonna Waste My Time?
  3.   The Renegade
  4.   27 Is the New 17
  5.   Kindergarten
  6.   Marching Through Your Head
  7.   With Eyes Closed
  8.   Fight Test
  9.   Love/Pain
  10.   Throw It on the Fire
  11.   Greater Times on the Wayside
  12.   Kick The Habit
  13.   Cornerstones
  14.   Old Enough to Know
  15.   Communication
  16.   Aeroplane
  17.   Anything You Want Dear
  18.   You Gotta' Teller
  19.   Bonnieview
  20.   The Sound of You
  21.   Bomba by KZ Tandingan
  22.   First One In
  23.   Miss My Friends
  24.   The Ballad of El Goodo
  25.   Stop the Train
  26.   I Know
  27.   This Time I'm In Love
  28.   Heavy on Me
  29.   Ignition
  30.   Get It Straight
  31.   On The Street
  32.   All You Grind Is Love
  33.   Take A Ride
  34.   Ok Blue Jays
  35.   Where Is My Love
  36.   I Will Follow You
  37.   Bright Brown Opus
  38.   Rococock Fight
  39.   You Could Have a Lover
  40.   The Darkness
  41.   Straight Through the Light
  42.   Love in a Game
  43.   Colon Hell
  44.   One Line Written In
  45.   Tierra de la Cruz
  46.   Let It Go, Don't Let It Go
  47.   What Do You Want From Me
  48.   You've Got Me
  49.   Now That I've Got You
  50.   Without a Map
  51.   The River by the Garden
  52.   Panta Reich
  53.   Permanent Scar
  54.   San Leather
  55.   Showdown
  56.   That's All
  57.   I Love The Night
  58.   Freedom
  59.   Ooh La La
  60.   I've Been Waiting So Long
  61.   Proud and Beautiful
  62.   Forza Bruta Ram Attack
  63.   Now Don't Let It Go
  64.   How Does It Feel?
  65.   Enemy E Core
  66.   Who Is It?
  67.   Fever of the Time
  68.   Messenger's Way
  69.   Be My Girl
  70.   Strong Mind
  71.   Cool Blue (And the Things You Do)
  72.   Krakatoa
  73.   Time Of The Season
  74.   At the Risk of Repeating
  75.   One Of A Kind
  76.   Vasoline
  77.   Shifting
  78.   Hot Under the Collar
  79.   Everybody's Got One
  80.   It's Alright
  81.   Heartbreak Hotel
  82.   I Know What You're After
  83.   Hello, Tender Love
  84.   As Long As I Am On Your Mind
  85.   Teach Me
  86.   Dont Ask Me
  87.   Phase Terminale

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