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Black Metal


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From the depths of Norway, take out your corpse paint and feel true evil

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Top Songs on
Black Metal

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  2.   Axiom Heroine Beherit
  3.   Buried Alive Venom
  4.   Massacra Hellhammer
  5.   The Burning Shadows of Silence Emperor
  6.   Graven Takeheimens Saler Darkthrone
  7.   Hordalands Doedskvad part II Taake
  8.   Subterranean Initiation Wolves in the Throne Room
  9.   The Golden Walls of Heaven Bathory
  10.   Spell of Destruction Burzum
  11.   Gebrechlichkeit 1 Burzum
  12.   Building a Man Gorgoroth
  13.   Into the Painted Grey Agalloch
  14.   Snilepisk Kvelertak
  15.   For Your Vulgar Delectation Cradle of Filth
  16.   Through the Clouds of the Past Khors
  17.   Lucid Nightmare Sigh
  18.   No Dawn Awaits The Forsaken
  19.   The Throne of Kings Psycroptic
  20.   Kissing the Heathen Amulet Adorned Brood
  21.   Ór Djúpum Arckanum
  22.   Tribulation of the King of Worms Archgoat
  23.   Sequence 2: Faith/Action 2: Discordant Effects of Suicides Anorexia Nervosa
  24.   Templar Ancient Rites
  25.   Wrath of a Warlord Aeternus
  26.   Girra's Temple Absu
  27.   Blistered Hands The Funeral Pyre
  28.   Leaving The Mortal Flesh Keep of Kalessin
  29.   Psalm 7:77 1349
  30.   Black Mountain Totem Darkthrone
  31.   Devil's Harlot Ov Hell
  32.   And the Wind Shall Scream My Name Stormlord
  33.   Bed of Razorz Children of Bodom
  34.   The Burning Dawn Enthroned
  35.   Me-Devil Sigh
  36.   Vendetta Assassin Dødheimsgard
  37.   Between Two Worlds I
  38.   Angel of Retribution Belphegor
  39.   Evil Mercyful Fate
  40.   English Fire Cradle of Filth
  41.   Bodom Beach Terror Children of Bodom
  42.   Night's Blood Dissection
  43.   Under Huntress Moon Cradle of Filth
  44.   Starless Aeon Dissection
  45.   Pitch Black Vreid
  46.   Six Score and Ten Oblations to a Malefic Avatar Bal-Sagoth
  47.   Citizen Ihsahn
  48.   Under Starside Skies Epoch of Unlight
  49.   Reign of Light Samael
  50.   (You Are) The Gleaming King Order of the Ebon Hand
  51.   Ragnarok Sturmgeist

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