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  2.   Antiadore Lacrimas Profundere
  3.   Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All) Type O Negative
  4.   Seven Lives In Strict Confidence
  5.   Nur Leben Melotron
  6.   A Cell Project Pitchfork
  7.   Dead N' Gone The 69 Eyes
  8.   Stars and Stripes and Satellites Mindless Faith
  9.   From a Stranger Phantom Vision
  10.   A Tale of Fate (Folksvang Awaits) Hagalaz Runedance
  11.   Basileus Corvus Corax
  12.   Arianrhod Faith & the Muse
  13.   Galatea Oneiroid Psychosis
  14.   Drowning Land Ravenous
  15.   Another Day This Mortal Coil
  16.   Deep Hurt Lamia
  17.   Motion Theatre of Tragedy
  18.   Serpentskirt Cocteau Twins
  19.   From Above Comes Sleep Evil's Toy
  20.   The Sound of Falling Rain Fictional
  21.   Schwarze Witwe Eisbrecher
  22.   Stranger Clan of Xymox
  23.   Spectral Masquerade Midnight Syndicate
  24.   Anthem VNV Nation
  25.   Gunman Funker Vogt
  26.   Running Up That Hill Faith & the Muse
  27.   Just One Kiss The Cure
  28.   The City in the Sea Love Is Colder than Death
  29.   Mirror Claire Voyant
  30.   Longing :wumpscut:
  31.   Into the Sky Switchblade Symphony
  32.   Funnel Switchblade Symphony
  33.   Fault Imperative Reaction
  34.   Everywhere Cranes
  35.   Beautiful Friend Cranes
  36.   Non-Stop Violence Apoptygma Berzerk
  37.   Monochrome` Covenant
  38.   Am I 2 Blame? Razed in Black
  39.   Love Eternal Arcana
  40.   Ascension (Cascading Lights) Soil & Eclipse
  41.   Stumble and Fall Clan of Xymox
  42.   Delusion Rhea's Obsession
  43.   Forgive Me L'Âme Immortelle
  44.   Under the White Waves Evil's Toy
  45.   Waterfront Clan of Xymox
  46.   Whispered in Your Ear Faith & the Muse
  47.   No Time to Cry The Sisters of Mercy
  48.   Retrospect Theatre of Tragedy
  49.   Left Behind VNV Nation
  50.   True Life Lights of Euphoria
  51.   Something Wrong Clan of Xymox

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