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Fusion of industrial electronic, rock and metal

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  2.   The One True Colour Enter Shikari
  3.   Anaesthetist Enter Shikari
  4.   Down in Flames Blue Stahli
  5.   Firestarter The Prodigy
  6.   Smack My Bitch Up The Prodigy
  7.   Can You Feel My Heart Bring Me the Horizon
  8.   Plasicage Skinny Puppy
  9.   Fairly Unbalanced Ministry
  10.   Copy of A Nine Inch Nails
  11.   Came Back Haunted Nine Inch Nails
  12.   More Human Than Human White Zombie
  13.   Foxy, Foxy Rob Zombie
  14.   Thunder Kiss '65 White Zombie
  15.   Doubt Blue Stahli
  16.   Louder Than Words Celldweller
  17.   Dragula Rob Zombie
  18.   Blood Numb
  19.   We Want Revolution Covenant
  20.   These Boots Are Made for Walkin' KMFDM
  21.   Crossed the Line Godkomplex
  22.   Sacrifice! Evil's Toy
  23.   Scream & Die Pulcher Femina
  24.   Culture of Shame Matrix
  25.   Vater Unser Combichrist
  26.   Psalm 69 Ministry
  27.   Ruthless Mentallo & the Fixer
  28.   Disillusion Pulse Legion
  29.   The Trap X-Marks the Pedwalk
  30.   Zix Zix Zix Velvet Acid Christ
  31.   Epitaph Front Line Assembly
  32.   Asphixia (Wasted Days And Wasted Nights) Velvet Acid Christ
  33.   Pasturn Skinny Puppy
  34.   Pretty Toy Velvet Acid Christ
  35.   Song: StarCandy Front 242
  36.   Ladykiller (In Cold Blood) Hocico
  37.   Obscure Pictures Funker Vogt
  38.   Final Man Covenant
  39.   Plasmodium Velvet Acid Christ
  40.   Masticating Swarm Cruciform Injection
  41.   Wield Stark
  42.   Silence Matrix
  43.   Control Snog
  44.   Rubicon KMFDM
  45.   All Systems Go! T. Raumschmiere
  46.   Dark-Star Decoded Feedback
  47.   Egge Reversal Penetrations
  48.   Fatalist Front Line Assembly
  49.   Lidelsens Mening Apoptygma Berzerk
  50.   Masterhit Front 242
  51.   Nature's Revenge Skinny Puppy

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