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A killer concoction of old and new metal

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Metal Mosh Pit

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  2.   Thunderheads Goes Cube
  3.   Hammer and Life Exodus
  4.   The Sinner Memphis May Fire
  5.   Leaderless and Self Enlisted Norma Jean
  6.   I Know How to Die Motörhead
  7.   Dead to Rights DevilDriver
  8.   For We Are Many All That Remains
  9.   Rolling Thunder Accept
  10.   Graverobber The Damned Things
  11.   Your Abandonment Bleeding Through
  12.   Pleasure and Pain Bullet For My Valentine
  13.   Jezebel Howl
  14.   Warrior Disturbed
  15.   Killing Inside Cavalera Conspiracy
  16.   Servants of the Gods Hate Eternal
  17.   Sacrilege of Hate Hate Eternal
  18.   Released From the Catacombs Skeletonwitch
  19.   Upon Wings of Black Skeletonwitch
  20.   Devirgination Studies Whitechapel
  21.   Shitstorm Strapping Young Lad
  22.   Oh My Fucking God Strapping Young Lad
  23.   Skin Me Strapping Young Lad
  24.   Romeo A Go-Go Every Time I Die
  25.   Logic of Crocodiles Every Time I Die
  26.   Manic Monstrosity
  27.   Destroying Divinity Monstrosity
  28.   Abomination Reborn Suffocation
  29.   Bloodchurn Suffocation
  30.   Synthetically Revived Suffocation
  31.   Marital Decimation Suffocation
  32.   Liege of Inveracity Suffocation
  33.   Forgiveness Is a Six Gun DevilDriver
  34.   Burning Sermon DevilDriver
  35.   Unlucky 13 DevilDriver
  36.   Devil's Son DevilDriver
  37.   Inauguration of Scorpio Dome Behemoth
  38.   Starspawn Behemoth
  39.   Descent Fear Factory
  40.   Remanufacture (Demanufacture) Fear Factory
  41.   Martyr Fear Factory
  42.   Suicide Machine Death
  43.   Genetic Reconstruction Death
  44.   Pull the Plug Death
  45.   Zombie Ritual Death
  46.   Curse the Flesh Morbid Angel
  47.   To the Victor the Spoils Morbid Angel
  48.   Heaving Earth Morbid Angel
  49.   Eyes to See, Ears to Hear Morbid Angel
  50.   Pain Divine Morbid Angel
  51.   Brainstorm Morbid Angel

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