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Progressive Rock

Rock that takes risks and moves outside the lines

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Progressive Rock

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  2.   Spin Glass Forma
  3.   Impulse II An Endless Sporadic
  4.   Turn to Stone Crippled Black Phoenix
  5.   The Times They Are a-Taming holon
  6.   Evermore (A: Eros/B: Agape) Evership
  7.   Starbreeze Hemina
  8.   L'albero magico Promenade
  9.   The Same War Vola
  10.   Glades Blueneck
  11.   Night and Day Maschine
  12.   Blue Automatic Thank You Scientist
  13.   Cognitive Contortions Animals as Leaders
  14.   Portal Syd Arthur
  15.   Serpentstone Seven Impale
  16.   When All Falls Away Operation: Mindcrime
  17.   Eno Second Relation
  18.   Astral Flight Fatal Fusion
  19.   Long Year The Anchoress
  20.   Forever Falling Van Der Graaf Generator
  21.   Night Witch Wolf People
  22.   Cold City Edensong
  23.   Fragments, Pt. II Shamall
  24.   Embracing the Sun Stick Men
  25.   by the light of a sun John Wesley
  26.   Machines Riverside
  27.   Stars Devin Townsend Project
  28.   Coconut Crab TTNG
  29.   The Leavers: Wake Up in Music Marillion
  30.   The Thing That Should Be Gong
  31.   Will O the Wisp Opeth
  32.   The Round Barrow Afforested
  33.   Hinterland Tilt
  34.   Crowded Isolation Kansas
  35.   Visibility Zero Kansas
  36.   The Revival The Dear Hunter
  37.   Dimension 7 Cirrus Bay
  38.   Gloria The Dear Hunter
  39.   The New Kings: Why Is Nothing Ever True? Marillion
  40.   Too Many Years Iamthemorning
  41.   Identikit Radiohead
  42.   Desolation Drifting Sun
  43.   Take Your Shot Pineapple Thief
  44.   A.H.B. S U R V I V E
  45.   In Love and War (Love) Different Light
  46.   Suspicions Axon-Neuron
  47.   Sorceress Opeth
  48.   Uneasy Truce Tiles
  49.   Light Polyphia
  50.   Everybody Heals Anderson/Stolt
  51.   Knowledge Jon Anderson

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