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Rock Instrumentals

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  2.   Against the Clock Glowsun
  3.   Vayu My Sleeping Karma
  4.   Sagan Nightwish
  5.   Icarus Lives Periphery
  6.   Never Take My Life A Breach of Silence
  7.   Burn It Down Linkin Park
  8.   Final Masquerade Linkin Park
  9.   Shine on American Dreamer Joe Satriani
  10.   Canto Five Finger Death Punch
  11.   Barbarosa Lamb of God
  12.   Never Alone Jeff Beck
  13.   Bloom Scale the Summit
  14.   Press Play Stone Temple Pilots
  15.   Captain Soul The Byrds
  16.   Apollo Tony Levin
  17.   Twilight Joe Perry
  18.   Torquay The Fireballs
  19.   Countdown to Infinity David T. Chastain
  20.   Hunted By A Freak Mogwai
  21.   Night of the Slunk Buckethead
  22.   T.A.Z. Black Label Society
  23.   12 to 12 Vibe Eric Johnson
  24.   Clayton Boys Mastodon
  25.   Righteous Eric Johnson
  26.   Thelonius Jeff Beck
  27.   Whitewash Buckethead
  28.   Coasting Gary Hoey
  29.   Soul Sacrifice Santana
  30.   Fuel Injection Stingray Marty Friedman
  31.   Ballade de Bastille Devil's Slingshot
  32.   Little Gracie Buckethead
  33.   Cornerstones Peter Frampton
  34.   Unleash the Beast Billy Sheehan
  35.   Fluff Black Sabbath
  36.   Electric Lullaby Kenny Wayne Shepherd
  37.   Low Rider Gary Hoey
  38.   The Chamber Neal Schon
  39.   Trouble Is... Kenny Wayne Shepherd
  40.   Guitar Hero 3 (Intro) Slash
  41.   Cinema Yes
  42.   Angel Marty Friedman
  43.   The Ecstasy of Gold Metallica
  44.   Over My Head Vinnie Moore
  45.   Day at the Beach (New Rays from an Ancient Sun) Joe Satriani
  46.   Masala Mantra Daryl Stuermer
  47.   Speedball Black Label Society
  48.   The Souls of Distortion Joe Satriani
  49.   Lights of Heaven Joe Satriani
  50.   Always With Me, Always With You Joe Satriani
  51.   Just Like Lightnin' Joe Satriani

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