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Atlantis: A Symphonic Journey

David Arkenstone 9/7/2004


After several years of independent releases on his own label, the new age icon, composer, and multi-instrumentalist returned to his original label Narada, where he scored his biggest genre hits in the late '80s and early '90s and helped define the genre. By weaving single instrumental lines with rich percussion textures and sweeping orchestral power, David Arkenstone has been a master of encouraging the imagination of his listeners as he has explored both legendary mythology and accompanying stories that he has created. The musical environment here is being touted as "sonically free," and Arkenstone provides incredible drama by mixing intimate moments with densely rhythmic energy throughout his impressionistic exploration of the mythical island. "The Dream of the Gods" weaves lush, romance with the swift drum beats of a military mission, while "Tower of Light" plays like a mystical light shining through the murky depths to the teeming life below. Arkenstone employs a unique harp/flute melody/harmony line to convey the wonder of "The Temple of Poseidon," contemplates the "Jewel of the Sea" with a stark piano melody, and rings in the "Festival of the New Year" with joyful crowd noises and Asian-flavored instrumentation. It's classic Arkenstone through and through -- a rich provocative theme and diverse music that helps the listener fill in the story details. ~ Jonathan Widran
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 The Dream of the Gods David Arkenstone 4:44
  3. 2 Tower of Light David Arkenstone 6:7
  4. 3 In the Gardens of the Citadel David Arkenstone 4:8
  5. 4 The Temple of Poseidon David Arkenstone 4:19
  6. 5 Jewel of the Sea David Arkenstone 3:32
  7. 6 Festival of the Goddess David Arkenstone 4:7
  8. 7 The Painted Sails David Arkenstone 5:45
  9. 8 Across the Great Oceans David Arkenstone 5:34
  10. 9 Fire and Water David Arkenstone 5:24
  11. 10 Below the Ocean - The Sprit of Atlantis David Arkenstone 6:55

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