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Best of Diane Arkenstone

Diane Arkenstone 3/8/2005


This 2005 retrospective is culled from Diane Arkenstone's 14 solo albums, plus two brand new tracks. The music on THE BEST OF varies considerably, but there is thematic consistency. As evidenced by the titles alone, it's clear that nature is Arkenstone's musical inspiration. "Under the Blue Sky" is a pop tune replete with beautiful lyrics about the sea, dreams, and spiritual healing. Other tracks such as "The Hills at Sunset" and "Canyon Dreams" feature Arkenstone's keen compositional abilities. Using an assortment of orchestral timbres, atmospheric effects, and traditional Irish instruments, Arkenstone paints beautiful pictures of nature with each passing phrase. "Across the Sands of Time" and "The River Winds Thru the Night" borrow from the music of Africa. The former uses exotic, Egyptian modalities while the latter centers itself on West African tribal music. In general, this album is a curious blend of New Age, ambient, trance, and pop. Yet, Arkenstone's work is not so easily pigeonholed. Suffice to say, this music represents the illumination of the spirit through sound.
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 The Secret Garden Diane Arkenstone 5:41
  3. 2 Under the Blue Sky Diane Arkenstone 5:3
  4. 3 Avalon Diane Arkenstone 3:33
  5. 4 Rhythm of the Forest Diane Arkenstone 5:54
  6. 5 Om Shanti Diane Arkenstone 4:18
  7. 6 River of Creation Diane Arkenstone 4:52
  8. 7 Voice of the Sea Diane Arkenstone 5:11
  9. 8 The Hills at Sunset Diane Arkenstone 4:34
  10. 9 All Is Bright Diane Arkenstone 3:18
  11. 10 Canyon Dreams Diane Arkenstone 5:19
  12. 11 Freedom of Movement Diane Arkenstone 4:42
  13. 12 Across the Sands of Time Diane Arkenstone 4:22
  14. 13 Kiva Ceremony Diane Arkenstone 4:14
  15. 14 Precious Waters Diane Arkenstone 4:24
  16. 15 The River Winds Through the Night Diane Arkenstone 3:55
  17. 16 The Gray Heavens Diane Arkenstone 3:6

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