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The Ultimate Jesse Cook

Jesse Cook 10/25/2005


Ultimate Jesse Cook doesn't give fans any bonus material, not even the DVD content so popular with mid-2000s retrospectives. But, while it skimps on the extras, the two-disc, 26-song set is a perfect abstract of the guitarist's work for Narada. The 2004 live recording, Montréal, only gets one track ("Closer to Madness"), but Cook's five studio albums are all represented well. The set isn't chronological, but by mixing the songs up, Ultimate Jesse Cook heightens the crossroads quality of Cook's music. In one moment he's a flamenco master, the next a new age interpreter, and he explores Arabic sounds with just as much ease, and while Cook isn't afraid to streamline his influences for the sake of pop accessibility, he's respectful of them, too. For instance, the new age side of his sound never overtakes his curiosity and virtuosity as a guitarist and bandleader. Sometimes breezy synthesizers, and occasionally a percussion instrument, feel "painted in" for effect rather than meaning, but that's rare, and as he's proven over the years with Narada, Jesse Cook offers fusion, subtlety, and most of all evocative playing. Collection highlights include Tempest's title track, "Early on Tuesday" (featuring Sammy Llanas from BoDeans), Freefall's propulsive "Switchback," the organic/digital play of "Byzantium Underground," and the memorable Cajun touches in "That's Right." ~ Johnny Loftus
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 Mario Takes a Walk Jesse Cook 3:46
  3. 2 Air Jesse Cook 3:24
  4. 3 Paloma Jesse Cook 4:4
  5. 4 Byzantium Underground Jesse Cook 3:54
  6. 5 Baghdad Jesse Cook 4:18
  7. 6 Surrender Jesse Cook 3:52
  8. 7 Switchback Jesse Cook 4:3
  9. 8 Brio Jesse Cook 3:13
  10. 9 Red Jesse Cook 4:43
  11. 10 Early on Tuesday Jesse Cook 3:47
  12. 11 Vreeze from Saintes Maries Jesse Cook 5:18
  13. 12 Breathing Below Surface Jesse Cook 6:34
  14. 13 Closer to Madness Jesse Cook 7:35
  15. 1 That's Right! Jesse Cook 3:37
  16. 2 Tempest Jesse Cook 2:58
  17. 3 Rattle and Burn Jesse Cook 3:46
  18. 4 Azul Jesse Cook 4:15
  19. 5 Gravity Jesse Cook 3:53
  20. 6 Fall at Your Feet Jesse Cook 3:35
  21. 7 Dance of Spring Jesse Cook 4:21
  22. 8 Into the Dark Jesse Cook 4:13
  23. 9 On Walks the Night Jesse Cook 6:34
  24. 10 Gipsy Jesse Cook 2:28
  25. 11 Waiting for Tide Jesse Cook 5:37
  26. 12 Cascada Jesse Cook 3:7
  27. 13 Toca Orilla Jesse Cook 4:26

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