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Dream Sequence



Dream Sequence is an electronic wandering through this German band's most familiar instrumental endeavors. The two discs are made up of tracks stemming from such monumental albums as 1974's Phaedra and 1976's Stratosfear, merging right into some of their finest material from the early '80s. Fans of full-length Tangerine Dream tracks should take note that three of their most popular offerings are only excerpts, including "Rubycon Part One." The rest of the album is comprised of delightful synthesized washes that represent Tangerine Dream's mind-numbing electronic voyages, like the spaciousness of "Cloudburst Flight" or the finite complexity of "Logos Part One." Not all of their music basks in the coldness of keyboard machination though. The glistening beauty of "Beach Scene" fuses the genius of Franke, Froese, and Schmoelling and conveys marvelous imagery of both the sea and sand. Even the 19-plus minutes of "Tangram Part One" doesn't roam aimlessly, but instead is highlighted by sparkling pitch changes and numerous rhythms. If not looked upon as an essential collection, Dream Sequence can be regarded as an entertaining two-hour trip through some gorgeous electronic music. ~ Mike DeGagne
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  1. # Track Artist Length
  2. 1 The Dream Is Always the Same Tangerine Dream 3:37
  3. 2 Phaedra Tangerine Dream 1:22
  4. 3 Rubycon, Pt. 1 Tangerine Dream 3:44
  5. 4 Stratosfear Tangerine Dream 8:36
  6. 5 Choronzon Tangerine Dream 4:5
  7. 6 Cherokee Lane Tangerine Dream 8:6
  8. 7 Cinnamon Road Tangerine Dream 3:53
  9. 8 Kiew Mission Tangerine Dream 9:7
  10. 9 Ricochet, Pt. 2 Tangerine Dream 21:3
  11. 1 Cloudburst Flight Tangerine Dream 7:19
  12. 2 Force Majeure Tangerine Dream 6:15
  13. 3 Tangram, Pt. One Tangerine Dream 19:47
  14. 4 Beach Scene Tangerine Dream 6:39
  15. 5 Logos, Pt. 1 Tangerine Dream 5:8
  16. 6 Logos, Pt. 1 Tangerine Dream 5:30
  17. 7 Logos, Pt. 2 Tangerine Dream 2:48
  18. 8 Dominion Tangerine Dream 5:33
  19. 9 White Eagle Tangerine Dream 4:29
  20. 10 Love on a Real Train (Risky Business) Tangerine Dream 3:51

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